Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kadokado Games

Once you have started with kadokado, you will need to decide which kadokado games you are most interested in.  I strongly suggest that you do not buy any diamonds right away or purchase any of the extra games until you get used to the system.

Kadokado games are divided into two categories, puzzle and action, though the lines between the categories are often blurred significantly.  You will have 5 free game plays everyday, and these are enough to let  you get familiar with how the games work.  Also, the first time you play a game it doesn't cost you any diamonds so go ahead and try them out.

Kadokado is set up in an arcade style, which means that the games are designed to be played quickly, getting more difficult very fast.  This encourages you to spend more diamonds in order to get more plays.  If you have an addictive personality then you may find yourself dumping more and more diamonds into the games, which is fine if you are looking for a relatively inexpensive source of entertainment.